Keystone Bank



Key Highlights of our Corporate Strategy

Keystone continues to demonstrate growth in all business areas by making strategic investments in customer driven solutions, services and products that will increase our market share. The bank strives to be the customer's partner of choice as we deliver long-term value for our shareholders created from exceptional service delivery, efficient deployment of delivery channels, innovation, robust infrastructure, seasoned employees and management.

Robust Corporate Governance and Human Capital Management

● The Bank maintains a robust corporate governance structure. Since the assumption of our new owners and management, the Bank has begun the implementation of initiatives to reposition the business and trigger a turnaround in the performance of the Bank.
● A comprehensive career development framework has been developed to ensure recruitment and retention of exceptional employees to acahieve our new goals.
● Keystone Bank adopts a clearly defined and flexible organizational structure for effective and efficient communication, reporting and accountability which has been approved by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).
● Efficient Board Committees of Non-Executive and Executive Directors with diverse experiences and backgrounds ensure maintenance of admirable governance standards.
● The Bank upholds a comprehensive Code of Corporate Governance, compliant with the CBN Code, which stipulates the following:

Overview of Corporate Governance Framework

Shareholder Ownership Statement

Keystone Bank is a wholly owned Nigerian commercial bank and operates in line with International standards and best practices.