Keystone Bank


Our eBanking offers a customized
and innovative solution, products
and services to meet the needs of
our customers anywhere they are.


The optimal mix of our channels ensures
that our customers have holistic experience
when interacting and transacting their
banking business in a safe and convenient


Keystone Bank provides a vast array
of services to companies of all sizes.
From business checking and savings
accounts to a range of financing options
and cash management solutions.


Keystone Bank provides a wide
array of innovative products and
services to meet your personal
lifestyle needs plus helpful expertise
to make your banking experience
easier and your financial goals for
the future more attainable

Keystone Data Privacy Policy

This data privacy policy regulates how personal information obtained can be used by Keystone Bank and it's subsidiaries.

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Keystone NIDA

Nigerians living abroad can open and operate a bank account abroad without coming home. You can stay connected to the motherland through our bouquet of the Nigerians in the Diaspora Account (NIDA).

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Internet Banking

Internet Banking

Keystone @ctiveNET is our internet banking service which allows 24/7 access to your account, allowing you to carry out several transactions.

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 SME Banking

SME Banking

Our dedicated team of professionals combines expertise with strong business acumen to provide the best support for SMEs. We have a proven track record of supporting the growth of small businesses in Nigeria.

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Corporate Banking

Corporate Banking

Our Corporate Banking Division provides innovative business and financial solutions to a broad range of multinationals and large domestic clients to unlock opportunities within and beyond borders.

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Keystone Pink Account

Keystone Pink Account is designed specifically to meet the unique needs of female professionals and business owners.

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